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Our aim is to allow you to access important information on products and services and their likely impact on health, the environment (including sustainability), social issues, principally modern slavery (including child slavery) and last, but by no means least, personal freedom and privacy.

When looking at issues, we not only consider how they impact those of us alive at the moment, but future generations.  The hope is that what we are doing becomes sustainable and allows those who come after us the resources to enjoy full and happy lives and for the whole ecosystem to flourish with all the benefits that brings.

Please note that all material provided on this site is for information purposes only and none of it should be construed as personal medical advice.  Click below to read the full disclaimer.


All material provided on this site is for information only and may not be construed as personal medical advice.  No action should be taken based solely on the contents of this information; instead, readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and wellbeing.  We are not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, effectiveness, or correct use of information you receive through this site, or for any health problems that may result from anything you learn about on the site.  We are not responsible for errors or omissions.   These statements have not been evaluated by any medical body.  None of the information or products discussed on this site are intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate or cure any disease.   If you think you are suffering from a medical condition, consult your GP or other appropriately qualified person or service.


Awareness is one of the essentials for a meaningful life and our long-term survival as a species; It helps us understand the world around us and the cause and effect of our actions or inaction.  It also helps us to put things into context which is vital in an increasingly complex and fast changing world.

One of the difficulties for all of us is ascertaining whether the information we look at is true or false.  The other issue is the volume of information out there.  One of the ways we look at the validity of information is by checking / validating the sources behind it; this, however, can often be problematic.  What we look for is the independence of those providing the information/review, the transparency as to the source of the information and related processes and the competence of those involved.


The areas of awareness addressed here are:

  1. Health, Nature and the Environment – effects of existing and new technologies and products
  2. Sustainability of Resources – Consumption and the implications for the environment and future generations
  3. Modern slavery used in products and services
  4. Personal Freedom and Privacy
  5. Other areas of interest

Personal awareness, whilst hugely important, is not included, as there are a huge number of excellent resources out there encompassing meditation, self-awareness and personal development.


To help the world to be a community where the physical and mental health of people, the beauty of the planet and all things that live on it (the environment) are the most important.  To encourage a business model that is not solely profit based, but cares for society (those in the community, employees, customers and clients) and the environment

With businesses and democratic governments, we look for a culture that is underpinned by independence, transparency and competence.  Also, where decisions take into account not only those alive, but those who will come after us

We strongly support racial and sexual equality.

When quoting sources, we endeavour to do our very best to ensure that the information is accurate.


This site only became a reality in September 2020, so is in start-up mode.  The intention is that it will grow and develop over time to meet the needs of those using it.

The world used to be far simpler.  We lived in communities and knew where everything came from.  The pace of change was slower and the world had not gone global.  The time we live in now is much more complicated and fast moving.  It is natural that there are lots of things we don’t know about the products (including food) we buy and the services we use. In particular their impact on our health and the environment, how they are sourced and produced and to what extent they deplete critical resources.  What is “allowed” differs all over the world.  Knowing what goes into making and getting the product/services to us allows us to make better decisions.

What has become clear whilst building the website, is that a very significant cause of products and services being able to damage our health and the environment and deplete critical resources is due to lack of appropriate regulation.  This is down to governments here in the West failing to adhere to principles and processes that are essential for proper decision making in a democracy.  This is often because of failures in the areas of independence (from the vested interests they are meant to regulate), transparency and competence.  Hence the section on the Democratic Framework to expand on this.





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