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The links to the 9 short videos on Vimeo, ranging from 7 – 15 mins, are below.

Disclaimer:  The information in these videos should not be taken as medical or any other advice. Please consult with your health practitioner.




PART 1            HTTPS://VIMEO.COM/431859261

This video covers how 5G differs from the preceding generations of 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G.  Arthur Firstenberg explains why and how 5G is being developed. The dangers of carrying or holding our mobile devices close to our body are mentioned.  In a short video of the senate hearing we hear Senator Blumenthal asking the Telecommunications representatives what safety testing they are have carried out.


PART 2            HTTPS://VIMEO.COM/431855978

Here we explore the findings of research on the biological harm mobile phone use causes.  We show photos taken with a Kirlian device of how the radiation emitted by mobile devices looks around your body.  Dr. Magda Havas shows through live blood analysis how blood cells are affected by working at a computer and making a 15 minute call on your mobile phone.  We look at how radiation is absorbed by your head and see how much more is absorbed by a child’s head in comparison to an adult head.


PART 3            HTTPS://VIMEO.COM/431864059

An excerpt from Sasha Stone’s informative video “5G Apocalypse” including a section with Dr Dietrich Klinghardt exploring the effect of 5G exposure on unborn children in the womb.  We hear about the health effects of 5G, how exposure to WIFI radiation is affecting the birth rate and sperm and ovarian egg quality together with a little of what is going on in Australia.


PART 4            HTTPS://VIMEO.COM/431853215

We further explore the effect of mobile phones on our health and how radiation can affect us.  A copy of the Swisscom application for a Patent specified that mobile phone radiation caused cancer, and now Swisscom denies any negative health effects from these devices.  What is the narrative driving denial for biological harm from mobile devices?  The 10 year NTP study requested by the US government on the effect of 5G was supressed, but why.  We look at how all life on earth and in the skies where satellites are being sent are united by the Schumann resonances and the implication for all life on earth is if 5G disturbs this intimate relationship between humans, nature and the ionosphere.


PART 5            HTTPS://VIMEO.COM/439250858

Part 5 asks why governments and health and safety organizations are not abiding by codes and principles put in place to protect us, the public, from the unrolling of technology that is untested and can cause biological harm.  This video questions whether we still live in a democracy at all given the huge financial influence and control of the large corporations.  We ask if money and greed are driving the suppression of truth.  We review the track record of large corporations and the harm that has resulted in historical cover-ups and ask if history is repeating itself.


PART 6            HTTPS://VIMEO.COM/439250958

Part 6 explores how satellites are being put into space and reviews the first time this took place in 1998.  We hear Claire Edwards warning the UN Secretary General of the risks of 5G and look at how both the WHO and the United Nations have been informed of its dangers of 5G but are nevertheless both condoning its unrolling.  Why is it they have carried out no independent testing, especially in the light of the telecommunication companies having themselves carried out no testing?  Olga Sheean speaks to us about the role of the WHO in the unrolling of 5G.


PART 7             HTTPS://VIMEO.COM/439251422

Part 7 presents the concerns of scientists and doctors regarding the known biological harm of 5G.  We cover the situation in Switzerland mentioning the cantons that have called for moratoriums; that Martin Röösli chairman of Berenis, the committee responsible for providing the government with radiation protection guidelines, has been accused of denying the risks and fraud.  We see how 4G and 5G have been unrolled in the UK and London and also in the US and New York.


PART 8            HTTPS://VIMEO.COM/439251506

Why are governments not listening to the research from independent scientists and doctors supported by evidence of biological harm from 5G.  We look at the other agencies that are covering up the truth instead of protecting the public, the sole purpose for which they were created. We look at the false reporting on the dangers of 5G in mainstream media and learn about some of the countries opting out of 5G.  We query whether 5G will lead to a loss of privacy and massive surveillance being imposed on us.  We question why the safe option of wired optic fibres is not being considered and ask if 5G is being pushed to facilitate the Internet of Things and what the concerns regarding this might be.


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What we are seeing is that a new and untested technology is being unrolled globally, on earth and in our skies, with no regard for the numerous independent studies that tell us it will seriously damage or even destroy all life on earth.

The way 5G has been evaluated by governments, regulatory bodies and industry, is such that none of the prerequisites for an honest evaluation have been adhered to, namely a review that is:

  • Independent
  • Transparent
  • Includes people with the appropriate competencies

What is being unrolled cannot, unless you are one of the unfortunate sensitive people, be:

  • Felt
  • Heard
  • Smelt
  • Seen
  • Tasted

It lies outside our sensory perception.  We therefore have less awareness of it and the dangers it poses.  That is, until we start suffering from electromagnetic sickness.  By then it might be too late.

We are possibly heading for a catastrophic outcome.  Why are the thousands of independent studies and petitions, from doctors and scientists alike, that show the biological harm of 5G technology being ignored?  What we want is for our governments and scientific bodies to evaluate 5G based on the above principles of independence, transparency and competency.

It seems, because of the size of these corporations, they can bend politicians, and thereby governments, to their will.

I try to address some of these questions in the following videos.  Please come back again as I will be posting more videos and going deeper into the different aspects of 5G.

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