5G is built on the previous mobile phone technologies 3G, 4G etc.  Some people have already suffered from adverse health effects as a result of these.  5G is a massive step up in terms of the frequencies used, their intensity and the number of antennas that are needed; this will be compounded by the satellites being put into space to broadcast 5G signals down to earth.  Initial estimates are 90,000 satellites globally.

There are two key issues.  The first is the effect on our health, which is expected to be very severe, perhaps even life threatening, not only for us, but for all life on earth.  The second is the issue of surveillance, privacy and control that we will be dealing with separately under the section “Personal Freedom and Privacy”


There has been no testing done on the safety of 5G either by the Telecom companies or by Governments.  This is despite thousands of doctors and scientists globally raising serious concerns about the severe impacts on our health.

Governments seem to be relying on the integrity of the Telecom companies and are not recognising that there should be a basic protocol of testing all new technology whether it is believed to be dangerous or not.  So, governments are again failing in their democratic duty.  In this case there is no independent testing, no transparency saying why there has been no testing, and no one with the right skillset looking at it on behalf of the government.

We can only suppose that this is due to pressure and possibly inducements to allow the unrolling.  There is also little doubt that the surveillance possibilities will have been promoted both by the security services and the military.

It is worth mentioning that the present testing for the safety of mobile phones that we all use is based on their thermal effect, not the strength and frequency of the signals they receive and emit.  The current recommendation and basis for testing, now more than 20 years old, is that mobile phones should be held at a distance of 2cm from one’s head.  Of course, no one does this.

So again, we see all the signs of us living in a Technocracy, where we are effectively governed by the wishes of large companies.  Why else is there no independent testing or even disclosure of why 5G is considered safe.


There are 9 videos (CLICK HERE) (the first one being a short introduction) that go into more detail about the effects and include video clips and reports.  We hope you will find them interesting and helpful.

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